Wild Things: Animal Adventure – The safari parks have been destroyed, and all the animals have abandoned their former homes. Embark on an adventurous journey into the wilderness to bring the animals back! 

Wild Things: Animal Adventure

Game Features:

  • Enjoy hundreds of unique match-3 levels and 6 exciting game modes!
  • Play levels to earn magic leaves that can be used to rebuild our vibrant and varied safari parks
  • Unlock dozens of adorable animals with unique personalities and compelling storylines, like Liam the Lion, Gabby the Giraffe, Rudy the Rhino, and many more!
  • Choose your favorite animal to represent you in the game & take advantage of their special power-ups and boosters!
  • Play limited-time events to earn power-ups and rewards!

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Wild Things: Animal Adventure

Wild Things: Animal Adventure

Exciting Game Modes:

Tortoise vs Hare – Help the tortoise outrace the hare to win the trophy.

Save Baby Penguins – Swipe and match to return the eggs to the mama penguin.

Free Parakeets – Uncover trapped parakeets and help them return to their nest.

Feed the Baby Panda – Collect enough bamboo to feed the hungry baby panda.


Wild Things takes a trek to the frozen north for a stone-cold awesome update!

Improved game feel and flow!

Bug fixes and performance fixes!

New levels released weekly!

Unlike the wizarding adventure in Hogwarts Mystery, the upcoming game will deliver a real treat to fans of the match-three genre. And it looks pretty impressive, to say the least!

In Wild Things: Animal Adventure, players set out on an expedition to rebuild natural habitats of various cute animals that you’ll meet along the way. You’ll help by completing match-3 levels – and doing so you will be rewarded with magic leaves that are then used to replant trees, bring water to the habitats and much more.

In Wild Things: Animal Adventure, the puzzles themselves have a purpose, as game modes like ‘Free Parakeets’ and ‘Feed the Baby Panda’ give players a goal within each level. As the story progresses, new animal characters are unlocked, each with a unique personality and signature power-up that players earn by completing levels. Sharing their success, players can connect and compete with friends in challenging puzzles and show off the endearing creatures they have helped along the way.

I personally appreciate the narrative-driven gameplay in a match-3 title and Wild Things: Animal Adventure seems to excel at this. The game also delivers some of the cutest, most adorable animals you’ve seen in a while and you will definitely fall in love with them instantly.

Although an exact release date is not yet known, Jam City has opened pre-registrations at the game’s official website. If you choose to pre-register, you will receive a special bonus when the game launches globally. Plus, you’ll get the chance to be among the first to play this new game!

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