Greedy Spiders Review – Android Game

Save helpless trapped flies from the nasty black spiders!  Greedy Spiders is an awesome puzzle game which should be tried by all Android phone users.  If you like difficult games which need you to think then this game is for you.  Apparently the game was...
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Plague Inc Game – By Wildwilly

Plague Inc: Put your strategy mind to the test in this killer Simulation game.   Nowadays the game market is saturated with heaps of top title games, so it’s rare to find genuinely unique games out there.  But Plague Inc is one of those anomalies...
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Megaflux Review – Android Game

Megaflux: Pipe Mania revamped with a new twist! Whenever I see pipes on a grid and liquids flowing through them then I’ll instantly be reminded of Pipe Mania, the classic hit from the nineties.  The SoFresh Games developers have made their own revision which they...
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