Scorpion Solitaire is a simple game that is quick to play but difficult to win. It’s one type of Spider Solitaire. Here is the rules and tips to play scorpion solitaire.

  • There are seven tableau piles of cards and a small stock with three cards.
  • You can move any face-up card and the cards on top of it onto another card of the same suit and one higher in value.
  • When you dig down to a face-down card in a tableau pile, you can click it to turn it over.
  • When a tableau pile is empty, you can move any king or group of cards starting with a king to fill the space.
  • When you run out of moves, you can click on the stock to deal the last three cards to the first three tableau piles.
  • Any empy tableau pile can be used to move a king and the cards on top of it there.
  • The goal is to build tableau piles that run from king down to ace. Once you do, the pile will be removed.

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