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After ten years and seven instalments the artist formerly known as Jonbro wraps up the point-and-click ‘Riddle’ saga with the immensely enjoyable Riddle Transfer 2. Be warned that there are plot spoilers ahead but come on, seriously the series is ten years old. That’s like me telling you Brad Pitt and Ed Norton were the same person. You should already know this stuff.

Having discovered he has never actually escaped from a school (once in a game so short this reviewer thought it was broken, but it actually turns out to be very important to the plot) Phil Eggtree has realised everything that has happened up until this point has been a dream, a test of sorts to determine the fate of humanity. He has saved hisfriends by killing them in their dreams (yes, that’s right) and saved the world from evil aliens Quiz Viz and Diz. Far from being hailed hero though Phil is locked in a secret government location called ‘Zone 5.1’ leaving him no choice but to escape with his friends to avoid inevitable tests and interrogations.

Following a tale of backstabbing, flying pigs and a chat with the abominable snowman, Riddle School 2 sees us re-join Phil and chums in the sewers of Zone 5.1 where we must use a teleporter to, err, travel back to Riddle School so we can escape to save the world from evil aliens.

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Haven’t we been here before?

The apparent recycling of the plotline isn’t the only thing you’ll recognise in this game. A lot of the puzzles will feel familiar too but Riddle school 2 is fun, challenging and a great way to round off the series. The production value of each subsequent ‘Riddle’ game improves phenomenally but this episode still retains some of the charm of the original’s animation – very fitting considering the return to our starting location.

This was by no means the best ‘Riddle’ game but it was never intended to be. After spending so long with Phred, Zack and Smiley this instalment was about tying up loose ends and finishing the narrative, something which it does wonderfully. The cut scene and end credits will make you genuinely sad you won’t be spending any more time with this quartet.

Jonochrome – as the creator is now known – intended Riddle School 5 to be the last of the series. Furthermore he intended there to be FIVE riddle transfer games in a brand new series. It’s a shame they’ll never get made, but I’m glad he gave us one last chance to say ‘farewell’.

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