Shovel Knight: Specter Of Torment Review

Shovel Knight is defined by its likeness to games from the era of 8-bit consoles. It takes inspiration from games like Mega Man and Ducktales not only in its pixel- and pitch-perfect audiovisual aesthetic, but also in its mechanics–Shovel Knight is a resolutely unforgiving 2D...
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Stardew Valley Review For PC and PS4

On the surface, Stardew Valley is a game about farming, but there are more adventures awaiting curious players beyond cultivating a rich and bountiful garden. From mining and fishing to making friends and falling in love, Stardew Valley’s Pelican Town is stuffed with rewarding opportunities....
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Watch The Last Guardian’s First 9 Minutes Here

The Last Guardian comes out next week on PlayStation 4, but you don’t have to wait until then to see more footage of the long-awaited adventure game. Sony’s official Japanese PlayStation YouTube account has posted a video of the game’s first nine minutes (via solitaire pyramid)....
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EA Wants You To Pre-order a Game…With No Game!

The age of pre-order bonuses, deluxe editions, and retailer-exclusive DLC is upon us, and it isn’t going to end anytime soon. Now, I’m not terribly bothered by cosmetic DLC (although games like those in the Tales series abuse it by relegating previously-free goodies like costumes...
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CD Projekt denies hostile takeover rumor

The company is just looking for a little “insurance.” You may have heard recent rumblings about Witcher studio CD Projekt gearing up to fend off a hostile takeover. The rumors were rooted in the schedule of an “extraordinary general meeting of shareholders,” translated by NeoGAF...
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Why Blizzard Doesn’t Know When to Quit

Even if you aren’t an avid player of Overwatch, Blizzard’s wildly popular competitive shooter, you might have heard about the ARG (alternate reality tripeaks card games) that has been unfolding around it for the past few months. Initially, players noticed a series of hints scattered throughout...
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