Megaflux: Pipe Mania revamped with a new twist! Whenever I see pipes on a grid and liquids flowing through them then I’ll instantly be reminded of Pipe Mania, the classic hit from the nineties.  The SoFresh Games developers have made their own revision which they can justifiably say is their own refreshing version.  Read on to hear about this unique game. Gameplay:  Generators are pumping out flux into nano pipes which you need to orientate so that the flux can flow through into the Processors.  Yes… the customisation and stylisation has been done with so much detail that it’s hard to even read the gameplay explanation!  To cut through the jazz… you need to have the pipes in the correct way so that the liquid can flow from A to B. The original Pipe Mania game was a time based puzzle challenge where you had to connect a path to the exit before the liquid leaked everywhere.  Whereas this game is a much calmer puzzle in which you need to utilise every grid cell before you’ll be able to pass the round.  There is a timer, but it doesn’t serve a preventative limit and instead it facilitates their three star scoring system. To add to this game’s distinctiveness there are filters in the form of blockers and convertors which will change the colour of the flux.  (Much like the light colour filters which are in Luminus.)  The purpose of changing the colours is so that the processors can receive the correct flux type.  If you use the correct combiner then you can make thus funky green code which will then override and delete viruses! Great puzzle gaming: All in all, Megaflux is an awesome puzzle game which will start off easy enough for anyone to play and slowly it’ll train players to become seasoned veterans.  The difficultly is pretty well balanced and it does what the best brain games do – it makes you think!  All of it is done in a stylish Martix stylised setup too! Tons of free content: There’s so much free content in this game its ridiculous!  There’s a Relax puzzle Mode and then a Time based Challenge Mode, both of which get progressively harder to train and stimulate your brain cells.  Each of the modes have stacks of levels within them.  Then there are reams of medals and you can benchmark your score against the rest of the world on Scoreloop. Rating: 4.5/5  Megaflux is addictive and amazing puzzle fun.  The dynamic twists add a lot of enjoyment into the puzzles.  Most importantly there’s so much free content its unbelievable – you’ll keep coming back for more and more!    Developers: SoFresh Games

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