In not-too-surprising news, the latest entries in the Pokemon and Final Fantasy franchises have gone on to break sales records in their respective categories. The globally-beloved Pokemon Sun & Moon have become the fastest-selling Nintendo games in North American history. The two 3DS titles have sold a combined total of 3.7 million units in just under two weeks. The previous record was held by Pokemon X & Y, which Sun & Moon surpassed by an astonishing 85%. Pokemon games have sold a total of 280 million units worldwide as of May 2016, and Sun & Moon only add more fuel to the fire of its popularity.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy XV has only been out for two days and has already shipped and sold over five million units worldwide. This total takes into account both physical and digital copies of the game, making it the fastest-selling Final Fantasy title in franchise history. How’s that for an egg to the face of all those “Is Final Fantasy dead” clickbait articles?

For what it’s worth, we were pretty pleased with both games as well. Check out our reviews of Final Fantasy XV and Pokemon Sun & Moon to see what all the hype is about.

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