Ice Di: 'I was just about to return the role in the rice film sticky rice'

Ice Di: ‘I was just about to return the role in the rice film sticky rice‘ Participating in the hottest TV drama – sticky rice sticky rice , Baby Di play the role of Nhi – third person interfered with the relationship of (Hoang Anh) and Huong (Le Phuong). That’s why, she received a lot of “brick” from the audience but the actress herself has just had a little fun.

No movie like horrible “sticky rice rice”

– With his role, the first difficulty Ice Di felt after reading the script rice sticky rice is what?

I accept the participation rice sticky rice before reading the script by director Vo Thach Thao and writer Nguyen Hoang Anh made this film are very close to me, the three have collaborated with two previous films and The sticky rice is the third film in the role of director – actor. Therefore, just 2 hours she said 1 hour, I will accept immediately without knowing what role will be played.

– Ice Di is not afraid of script makes me become the audience hate?

An actor can make the audience hate success. Filming without anyone’s attention, no one knows what the movie is, it’s called failure. When working, I have to spend time and effort for my work.

 I can film many films, financial stability but if the quality of the film is not good, the latter did not return as expected.

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Ice Di: 'I was just about to return a role in the film Sticky rice rice' - Photo 1.

Bare Di to Nhi’s shoulder in “sticky rice sticky rice”.

– Can you share about difficulties in sticky rice rice?

Rice glutinous rice is like a charm: My charm with this role, the charm of the other actors with their roles … all people are combined together in this project. Until the film’s successful celebration party a few days ago, I spoke directly to my filmmaker’s boss who had nearly had to shoulder (laughs).

I am very fond of director Vo Thach Thao and writer Nguyen Hoang Anh, want to cooperate with 2 sisters in any project but glutinous rice rice turns back very long due to many changes in personnel. This film was made by two other directors.

 I do not know what the reason behind it is but for a while, the film has to come back from the beginning so it takes a lot of time for people to refresh.

When director Vo Thach Thao made the film, she decided to change some cast members due to the cast of the old cast, I was the replacement of that.

The filming schedule of this movie has to be horrible, if you watch the whole movie, almost all of the South Korean drama actors are converging in rice glutinous rice .

From the small roles with a few segments are made by the actors who have made many films, not the masses. They will slowly appear in the following episodes, not the cast as they are now.

But this leads to, everyone is busy with their own schedules so the time is very tight, the schedule is continuous. When I was about to shoot, there was another problem. At that time, the crew sent me filming schedules, but at the right time I was involved in two other projects – a drama and a sitcom. If so, I have to shoot three projects at the same time causing me to panic.

I do not like to hug many projects at once. I received the first rice glutinous rice but in the meantime waiting for the filming schedule without knowing the official filming, I have to get more roles and not be able to sit there wait but things happen again.

I remember clearly, that day I just came back from the West, Thao called me, said I try to arrange because the schedule is too tight, if I do not participate in sure the film will “break” because there is no other way.

– So how has Ice Di arranged?

Actually, I do not know how to handle it because I can not give up the movie because the crew loves me so much, I want to make it in the project and sitcoms can not be dropped because they are important roles. At that time, Thao said that, “or sister to play her shoulder”.

After listening, I have a look at the original, quite like this role as well as working with director Vo Thach Thao and writer Nguyen Hoang Anh for both the film is very kind. However, I did not know how to arrange so I told her to give me more time but the worst case would be to play the role.

On that day, Thao also contacted and was replaced by another actor. I determined in the beginning to play the role but luckily after the same day, I got the support from both movies and my schedule was as tight as possible to shoot.

I have a calendar but I am very happy but in the recording period, because the calendar is too thick, so the time with me is terrible, one day only sleeps 2-3 hours while sleeping normally 4-5 hours I’m very happy. That time was extremely tired.

The location of the pool scene, villa in the film is located in Long Hai, Vung Tau. One night, just turned in Saigon finished at 21h, the whole team arranged the furniture and then one night to pick up the car to Long Hai, arrived at 5am and set up without a break.

The crew only had 3 days filming in the villa in Long Hai. This villa rents several tens of millions of dong a day because the character of Nhi is very rich, people want to make “come”. This means that the crew must shoot continuously without taking time to take advantage.

One day I had to turn to 3am, Thao called me to shoot but confessed, my eyes at that time open up and face dull, eyelids swollen, mind can not remember the dialogue again. I told the director directly that I was too tired to turn around and she let me sleep till dawn, during which time Hoang Anh (played by Cong) would be filming for single scenes.

In general, I have never had to film such a horrible movie, so I do not have any energy.

– Trung Dung once shared, rice glutinous sticky rice is a psychological inhibitor pretty much. Did you fall into that situation?

Director Vo Thach Thao is a very difficult person, I work with her this time is the third movie – that is, have experienced a lot, but I myself was tired of other actors. This is direct recording, the director asked actors to correct the script in the script, not edited voice.

Vietnamese actresses rarely memorize the lines, just hold the voice and the voice in the most comfortable way, still does not make the content of the dialogue, but Thao does not give, determined to cast the right dialogue in the script. For the writer to write each sentence is the meaning in it all, if the change of a sentence will change the other meaning that the audience confused.

At that time, everyone was wondering why it was so, even to myself, I feel uncomfortable because I often edit the voice so it is also “corrected” (laughs). In general, 80% must speak closely to the script, can still edit some words, but that does not affect the structure of the voice.

There was a scene when I and Hoang Anh (Picnic – PV) went to the picnic, only the scene had to shoot for 2 days. Since shooting in Long Hai mansion, time again as I share the above so everyone is sleepy like that, the mind will not remember the lines.

Because the scene that space is sunset, which sunset capital down very fast so if not catch up, it will fall dark and not beautiful picture. However, I was constantly talking wrong, people are also pressure because of the rain that Thao requested very high so not satisfied with the scene on the first day so I was told to return.

“Playing the child, the audience cursed me very hard”

– Usually the actors are afraid to play the role of the third person, but Ice Di seems quite excited with the role of Nhi?

Everyone wants their pictures beautiful, but if anyone wants to play the role of evil, then the evil shoulder to whom? As people often say, who chooses to work hard to spare?

In general, there are many actors who “play” the role, there must be people who take on the role of a villain by a character can not make a successful film that must have a combination of the collective. When an actor plays a gentleman, one will love the role but it will not turn up without a supporting role.

Previously, I was given a lot of gentle roles, but maybe later on, I changed the image to be sexy, sexy and sharper, making people think my looks fit the character. Appearance for actors is very important, there are people who want to play evil role is not because their faces are not suitable but there are people who want to play the gentleman is not because of looking at the evil face (laughs).

I decided to take the role and not afraid of anything because this is my job to choose, I decided to do long-term, try with a variety of types of shoulders. You do not know how long you will be acting, if you choose to pick, how can you role play. If I do not take on the role of Nhi, I will be the one who regrets at the moment because it’s so successful (laughs).

Ice Di: 'I almost came back to play a role in the movie Rice Sticky Rice' - Photo 2.

– Nhi is a character hated by the audience, what do you think about your character?

This character is both pitiful and blameworthy. The blame is the same as everyone has seen, a man is already married but Nhi is still “listening to”, deliberately insert into a relationship of others.

But if you look and think more openly, the audience will not hate Nhi because people understand the reason why Nhi is so and turn to the public to fall sa easy.

Children from small to big has never been decided in her life – a doll in the glass cabinet, even the choice of husband is also her father’s choice. She must not have a close friend, no lover, no dating, no sense of dating …

Children are so rich, but the richer they are, the more they need it, the more emotional they are. Nhi meets Cong when she is about to divorce with her husband so the new feeling comes, Nhi feels that Cong is very enlightened and interesting.

As a person living in the silk from a small son with a tongue, two hours have the daughter, the son of the owner of the hotel group is very large, know how many people to listen to but Nhi is General. Also, Nhi finds Cong to be interesting and happy to be with him.

– Playing the Nhi, Bandi received the message “terrorist”?

No messages, people shouted me openly (laughs). When Mrs. Le Phuong livestream with the film crew, many people say I was “robbed husband”, “thirteen”, “hate the baby” and even heavy words offensive.

There are moviegoers too enthralled and hated me in real life, assuming I also have something new to express so. Read those comments, I’m quite happy. Saying no sadness, then I was unconscious rock. But I also know that I have played my shoulders so new audiences hate it, and will hate it for a long time (laughs).

– Do you have any problems with Hoang Anh, Ice Diary?

Hoang Anh and I have been working together on many projects so they are both very close, so it’s easy to work together. Hoang Anh is a long-time actor and a veteran actor so I would love to act with him.

However, if the obstacle is also because he acts so cute that I was “hacked” forever. In the film there is the character Nhi Cong, between her and Huong who is more beautiful. With only a simple answer, he compared his wife to the grass and said, “Even though the grass is also hugged,” his intonation was so funny that I tried to gong up.

However, there are times when I can not hold back and smile. Even so, I told Thao that Hoang Anh is so cute, this role is different from him so far, so the audience will like it very much.

“I did not anticipate the movie so hot”

– At the beginning of the film, do you think that the movie will make a fever like the present?

I often tease Thao that she makes a movie for television because she makes films that are very kind, standard and well-rounded. Thao is a movie director, but because of sticky rice, the rice is a charm, so she “invade” into a drama and thus, the art image is also applied in this film.

I know this is a good movie but not sure what the audience likes. Audience effect is something you can never anticipate. There are many movies, you see the investment, enthusiasm and thought it would be hot but the effect was not expected and vice versa because the audience did not like. Art is sometimes so, I do not expect it will succeed and it needs time – geo – humanity again.

At this time, I just thought this film was kind and Thao also told me that this is the film “nail” of the radio this year and also PR is “film of Vietnamese family.

I think in the end there are too many words and do not hesitate to speak directly to the producer (laughs). After the effect of the film, I say that is not wrong because the word rice sticky rice is looking very much, the first episode of the film also reached more than 10 million views on Youtube and that is not what the film does. OK.

Ice Di: 'I almost came back to play a role in the movie Sticky rice sticky rice' - Photo 3.

(Photo: FBNV)

– The trend of filmmaking remake is quite exciting in recent years should lead to many viewers that “Vietnamese scriptwriter withered ideas, have to borrow foreign”. How do you think this view?

Writers in Vietnam are relatively weak, not strong and the script structure when writing sometimes will not be as tight as foreign script. Moreover, in other film industries like TVB or Korea, they will have a writer team rather than a single as in Vietnam.

If I was a producer, I think that at the present time, if Vietnam does not find a quality script to do it, why not make a good script? Can we rewrite the culture of the Vietnamese instead of money into a script that sometimes not quality as you want, just take time, just lose money?

And the problem is that people say, to be new or Vietnamese, I feel a bit unfair because not all Vietnamese films are successful, even the audience is not the same as the original, too much like Korea.

For example, rice glutinous rice is a very special case. When you see the movie will not see a Korean element, from kimchi to soy sauce, fish sauce, shrimp sauce, shrimp sauce. You have to make changes to match Vietnamese culture!

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