Attending the event, Huyen My felt very touched by receiving special attention from the media and audience in Myanmar. Through photos, it can be seen that Huyen My was “suffocated” with the rapture of hundreds of people at the red carpet event.

Huyen My beautiful and sexy side actors Myanmar.
Huyen My beautiful and sexy side actors Myanmar.

In 2015, Huyen My accepted a film to tighten friendship between Vietnam and Myanmar named “The lover with beautiful heart.” However, due to objective conditions, the film has not been made. Therefore, the manufacturer decided to change other suitable scenario to send the invitation to cooperate with Huyen My as originally planned.

After a long period of preparation, Ms. Huyen My came to Myanmar for her first feature film, “Bridge Over Cloud,” which was produced by one of Myanmar’s leading media companies.

Beauties are surrounded by the media of Myanmar.
Beauties are Myanmar media “surrounded”.

In the movie, Huyen My co-stars with Nay Toe, a famous actor who won the Myanmar Academy Awards 2009. Huyen My spoke in English and was given a Myanmar-language title.

To complete this role, Huyen My has been with his team moving back and forth between Vietnam and Myanmar over the past several months. Although this is the first time to touch the cinema, but the Nguyen they tried their best, round the shoulders to the director is very satisfied.

“I was also quite surprised about her daughter’s acting, voice in English, more rush time but My finished very well. Although cinema is a field that is easy to bring yourself a lot of light, but to achieve it must be very difficult. Maybe, Huyen My new long time to participate in another film project “- the mother of beautiful Huyen My confided.

After the premiere of the film in the media in this ancient country, beautiful people will participate in two fan-meeting sessions with fans on July 13 and 14/7 (scheduled to open on July 13 here. ).

At present, Huyen My’s image is being popular in Myanmar, not only as an ambassador for some jewelery lines but also as an ambassador for a telecom project of the military telecommunications corporation Vietnam deployed here.

It is known that in parallel with the launch and promotion of the film in Myanmar, runner-up Huyen My will put all his time and energy into the upcoming show. She will lead on Vietnam Television’s VTV1 as an MC / Editor on a financial newsletter.

Huyen My revealed that she is very nervous because her new program will air a lot of new, breakthroughs and expectations from VTV24 news agency and TV station leaders. Pictures of Vietnam.

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