Through the millions of match 3 games, and lots of them are fine to play, it’s not easy to find an exceptional high quality match 3 puzzle game experience. This is also the case with the game we will review today – Find Dory. Based on sea creatures, the game features tons of interesting 3D animation effects that make it a notch better than all the match 3 clones available. However, being a match 3 game in an app store that is saturated from those kind of games it’s hard to stand out. Because the app offers nothing spectacularly interesting, it will likely be just a fun match 3 game that you can tell your friends about. But again, the game is worth downloading and playing so let’s see the concept, features, design and our final verdict. Concept and Idea The concept and idea are not unique and are based on the match 3 game concept. However, Find Dory features a unique storyline, graphics and game modes. The blue tang fish is reunited with her loved ones and you are dedicated to finding Dory with matching different types of sea creatures.

Find Dory Android Game

Find Dory Android Game

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There are indeed tons of different characters that are making the game content rich. The developers were really creative about this. Features The game features more than 500 levels. There are different game modes i.e the game may demand different types of requests for different levels. This does set this game apart of the herd a bit and is one aspect that makes it more exciting and helps to make it more interesting and competitive. As stated there are different types of characters, graphic and visual effects and characters that are added constantly. The game can be synced on multiple devices, which means you can enjoy it on multiple Android devices (smartphones and tablets). Graphics and Sounds We have to say that the graphics of this game are quite nice, it looks extremely professional and tasteful. It is not a clone or a re-skin, because it is noticeable that the 3D graphics is unique and created by a talented artist. So, the HD graphics is a huge pro of the game. However, Find Dory would benefit by having more memorable sound effects to match the excellent graphics. The existing ones fit the game, are interesting, but they are not something too unique or memorable. Overall though the game is technically quite good and smartly developed. Final Thoughts Find Dory is a decent try to create a viral match 3 hit like Candy Crush. However, it fails to do so because it offers nothing too unique or memorable. It is a professionally developed puzzle game that is interesting, fun and challenging. The artwork is also really good and the gameplay, characters and game modes are decent. However, it’s not clear that this will be appealing on long-term to the users. The 500 levels however, guarantee enjoyment and challenging moments on the long-term to each fan of this type of puzzle games.

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