Candy Crush: Top 9 tips, tricks, and cheats! It has consumed my days and plagued my nights. i have been crushing so much sweet over the last few months, in reality, i have controlled to discern out pretty some hints, hints, and flat out cheats that have helped me beat level after stage. And it is time I shared them all with you, the iMore nation!

Candy Crush: Top 9 tips, tricks, and cheats!

  1. Locate the styles!

There are things as a way to make a sprinkle donut hollow or unique candy effects. spotting and repeating them lets in you to wipe the board and earn your price tag to the following stage quicker. i am always seeking out these patterns. I memorize which styles cause which unique candy and then set them up every time possible and as wished.

  1. Begin at the bottom

Crushing sweets on the lowest is better than crushing sweets at the top, because goodies drop down, developing the capability for a cascade effect that essentially offers you free moves.

Candy Crush: Top 9 tips, tricks, and cheats!

Candy Crush: Top 9 tips, tricks, and cheats!

  1. Pass for combinations

The 2 high-quality combinations are the wrapped candy and the striped candy, and the sprinkle donut hole and the striped candy. collectively, they are able to wipe out over half of the board for you. this will additionally assist you get to places which can be off the board or in any other case hard to attain. this is the best manner you may get by ranges consisting of 181, which have unreachable squares. also, a wrapped sweet switched with any other wrapped candy will ignite a 6 via four square that may clear a big region.

  1. Understand your stripes!

Sweet is striped inside the equal course as the very last candy moved to finish the previous formation. if you flow a sweet horizontally, it will make a horizontal stripe, with a view to then explode horizontally as properly.

  1. Examine your threats!

Assess your threats. Prioritize casting off evil candy by means of their chance levels. for example, I usually make it a rule to kill low number bombs first, then chocolate, then move after the blocks.

  1. Clean jellies on the edge!

Clearing jellies on the edge. while doing away with jellies, best worry approximately the rims, especially the corners and bottoms. these jellies have the least variety of combos that may get rid of them, so will be the hardest to put off. Take a second every pass to look if you could take away side jellies and, if now not, cross after an less difficult one.

  1. Have a plan!

Have a plan. every time you begin a new degree, look at the toughest element on that degree and think out how you could defeat it first earlier than you dissipate lives. additionally, pause between movements. you could have a sprinkle and not even recognise it if you’re watching the goodies from a lesser pass get crushed.

  1. Apprehend chocolate!

Understand chocolate. in case you’ve eaten a chunk of chocolate one spherical, chocolate will now not regenerate the following round. this is a notable manner to maintain chocolate at bay. attempt to break chocolate each round so that it won’t regenerate the subsequent. you can clean the whole board of chocolate using this approach, although in later stages there’s a chocolate maker to be able to convey them again in vicious fashion. Chocolate will avoid special candy if it can. Chocolate may even no longer eat a fruit or nut, although it will take in bombs.

  1. +5 sweet is your friend.

Make a sweet overwhelm chain with +five on something levels you may. this may upload 5 seconds to a time trial stage. you may inform if it’s far a “time trial” level or a “clean the jelly” stage primarily based on the small icon in the lower left nook of the start up display screen for each stage.


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