Bigger is Better in is a fun and entertaining Android game that lets players become fishes who try to eat more fishes in the wild underwater world of fish-eat-fish. Developed by Junglee Games, is a fun way to challenge your friends to see who can grow bigger, faster, and eat more than each other (or eat each other).

Bigger is Better in

Bigger is Better in

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Features features an easy way to play a multiplayer game with up to 100 players per game. Each game takes about 3 minutes to play, with players who eat the most fish scoring the most points and winning. Players start out as small little fishies and must eat little green balls in order to become larger fish. The larger you are, the more fish you can eat. If you get eaten by a fish larger than yourself, you can respawn by paying a few coins (and you’ll have an 80% chance of respawning as the size you were before being eaten). Players can also split their fish and even poop on their opponents that are chasing them. Players move around their aquatic world by tapping or using a virtual joystick. If you’re a small fish, you can hide from the other fishes or you can place stun bombs that temporarily keep your pursuers occupied while you make your getaway and try to get bigger. Players can easily share their score via the Google Play leaderboard or Facebook and invite other users to take part in a bit of friendly competition. Players can uses coins to unlock more fish (or sea creatures) to play as too! Players simply earn coins by eating and can also use them to buy new fish bowls and fish tanks for their fish. Overall, we found to be a remarkably fun and exciting game to play for users of all ages.

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Appearance and Layout has astounding graphics that speak volumes of the time put in to developing the game, and looks great with its friendly ocean theme. The fish and undersea life are especially well-designed. The layout of is smooth and easy to navigate around. There are just enough options and menus that the user isn’t distracted or confused by them, and the colors look great. We loved the appearance and layout of’s aquatic life!

Value is free on the Google Play Store and is 34 MB download. There are several In-App purchases that players can make, such as buying up tons of coins, but they aren’t required for having a fun time. offers countless hours of playtime, and it can be hard to get bored playing due to the fast-paced gameplay and the sheer amount of other users competing against you. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

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