Best offline game for iOS, early 2018. Surely you will not want to miss the best mobile offline games for both iOS and Android here to experience the first 3 months of 2018. With the new Game Launches right now.

Best offline game for iOS, early 2018

Minion Shooter

Minion Shooter is a funny offline game with arcade-style gameplay for the mobile platform. In this game, the player must protect the last coffee factory in the world from the alien monsters.

The main task is to use a shotgun to knock down all enemies to harass the field. In the process, collecting coins and blood is part of the job. The game builds on a first-person perspective with simple yet colorful graphics, with day-to-day cycles and unique weather.

Minion Shooter

Minion Shooter

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Civilization VI’s new version (Civ VI) is almost a perfect copy of the original PC, from the most basic elements such as map, character, race, to the operating mechanism. You can download and install iOS devices and play games anywhere, instead of playing games on your computer.

In addition, the iOS game is still adjusted in a few aspects to fit into the mobile interface, typically the Leader frame will no longer move and the strategic view has also been. removed. However, what will make you experience so much different in the mobile version probably is that the operation in the game will turn around the touch, drag on the screen but not through the mouse anymore. Did you try out the best offline games for iOS and Android beginning in 2018?

Geometry Dash SubZero

Game mobile offline Geometry Dash is back with an adventure, a completely new version called Geometry Dash SubZero! The task of the player is extremely simple but equally interesting: jump to overcome the obstacles.

However, there will be many surprises occurring on the way to challenge the consciousness and focus of the player. The vibrant music and beautiful graphics will make your adventures more colorful and exciting.

Geometry Dash SubZero

Geometry Dash SubZero

Until Dead – Think to Survive

Until Dead – Think to Survive is an Android game genre puzzle game with turn-based tactical battle mechanics. In this game you will control John Mur, a detective who loves adventure and possesses great survival skills in a chaotic world of zombie virus rampant. The task of the player is to help Detective John Mur find clues and engage in a great adventure to find the answer to this reason.

Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor is a well-known bridge game series in the mobile game market, released on both Android and iOS by Headup Games. However, for the version called Bridge Constructor Portal, you will have the opportunity to experience a completely new gameplay when combining the construction of bridges and passing vehicles through the transfer port.

The element that makes the difference in the gameplay of the Bridge Constructor Portal is probably the infinite combination of portals, which Portal players are probably already familiar with. With an entrance and exit gate located in extremely irresistible locations, the player will have to calculate meticulously as well as anticipate possible situations in order to build bridges in place. This is to ensure that vehicles can reach their destination without any accident.

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