Action Game Parking Passion Guideaction game car; Play a challenging game, hands-on, car-based, parking game against the clock! Parking Passion is a tricky driving game where you have two minutes to guide your car to a designated parking spot within 2 minutes limited to 20 days of difficulty. Can not run Android on Android, Android tablets, laptops, laptops and desktops, this is an illusion drive if you face obstacles Exception Executables as the work work , rare obstacles, air traffic, pedestrians and more! While you are not an experienced driver in this game, you need to present some important skills in actual driving. Cũng có thể xem handheld, quan hệ observation quan tâm, và bạn không thể yêu cầu mà bạn sẽ cần thay đổi môi trường của bạn. Enjoy the fun parking activities! Parking-Passion How to play: The game can not play on iOS devices, tablets, or browsers whose software is not supported on that device. Target each of the levels of the challenge is a cruiser to your driving to be used before the time of a 2 minutes will be used. Your seat will be used by the direction of the arrows at the center of the vehicle. For a notebook computer, a notebook notebook and PC player: One hand control; Control of arrow keys on your computer keyboard: Top Arrows = Accelerate; Down Down Down = Reverse; Arrow and right = Steer. You can also switch your car by clicking the gray arrow that appears on the game screen, but this is unrealistic. For Android mobile / tablet: Two-finger controller creates RC for playing games for games; Move to the left arrow and right down the left arrow. You can drive using both hands, and this allows for much better inspection than a car when compared to a desktop computer. Press and hold the forward arrow with your left thumb and toward the designated bicycle area by holding the left / right arrows with your right finger. For instructions, follow the arrow arrows in the first game screen. The arrow acts as a terminal and returns to the parking lot. Do not say that you will be able to go back again when needed. If you park successfully, you will proceed according to the level (your car must stay on the spot to count down 3-2-1). However, if you run out of time, or if you damage the car, you must replay the level. Notice the ‘Health Bar’ on the car in the right hand corner of the area. If this falls empty, do itime repeat / accident, you must say the level. Turn off you! >>>> Top 3 action games are children’s favorite: free online action games to play now

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